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Advertisers, Sponsors, and Contributors

If you want to contribute to Reclaiming the Republic, your funding will help pay for the costs of airing our content on radio and television. We are not a tax deductible organization but we will make public all contributions to our cause and all money will go to the costs for airing content. We ask that you give us the info we can display and we will place you and the info you would like us to release on either our "sponsor wall" or our "honor wall" below and on a onscreen banner once we begin airing on television. We have a plan to begin airing on television to broaden our influence in educating the electorate once we have saturated the weekday shows (Mon-Fri) with two hours of content daily. Consequently, your contributions are critical and any contribution is greatly appreciated.



How A Patriot Can Individually Support Saving Our Constitution

  • Spread the word about my two radio shows “Reclaiming the Republic”

    • Local this is weekly on KSBN AM 1230

    • Red State Talk Radio I am on Red State Talk Radio daily 3-4 PM PST (broadcasted elsewhere and on the internet) and you can dial in to listen for those who have limited data plans by dialing 605-562-4209.

    • These are result oriented shows designed to educate leaders and the electorate alike. The broadcasting and internet streaming info is in the links below my signature.

  • Download and share my podcasts on from this website, I will soon have these on a cloud service that offers RSS feeds so you can get notification when the shows are posted.

  • Like, follow, and share my “Reclaiming the Republic” and “Mobius Strip Press” Facebook pages and the articles and content posted on these pages.

  • We need resources.

    • Money is the necessary lubricant and fuel to keep the engine running and we do not have billionaires supporting liberty - for some reason they are buying up our government and liberties so we need local businesses and individual donations to support content delivery and expansion.  We need to get this message onto TV and all this can be presented in meetings mentioned below.

    • Get informed about local groups in the area and get involved

      • By getting informed you can become a Constitutional warrior with your local leaders and demand they fulfill their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution

    • Sponsor Meetings: If you have the ability and or resources to host a meeting with business leaders who care about the Constitution - I will come to speak and giove you wnat you need to know and if the event is big enough I will put together a few other Patriots to speak.

    • Usable Resources: If you have resources you can commit that can help with the cause such as working computer equipment or professional presentation equipment, vehicles, or trailers (all working of course).  These can be used for those who have the time to getting the word out.

  • One other way you can support is by buying my books and content.  The money goes directly into the effort and operational costs.  Pease read the books you will be glad you did and I pray you can write an honest and objective review.

  • I am sure I am missing something or someway for one to help, but getting informed is paramount for all to move this battle forward.



This area for those who are currently advertising on our radio programs and in the future we will also include television advertisers as well to this listing. We ask that you please support those who are actively supporting our efforts in saving our Constitution and Reclaiming the Republic.

This area is for those who pay to sponsor our content on radio and eventually on television as well.  Some do not want their name/company mentioned on air during our program, for these we have a secret code to display here.  These secret sponsors use their advertising budget but do not have spots aired during our content time window.  This area is also for those who “publically” sponsor the Shows at least once a week or more.

Individuals can contribute as a sponsor and it only costs $10 to sponsor a 30 minute segment. Sponsors are recognized at the beginning of the hour and the half hour. That is only $520 a year to have your name or info mentioned on air as a sponsor of a segment! Individuals that are interested in contributing for sponsorship please let us know via email after you have completed your donation transaction with PayPal. We will let you know which segment during the week you will be mentioned as our sponsor.

Honor Wall

This area is for those who want to contribute directly to our efforts via our donation button on the right.  Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.  Please let us know how you want to your information listed below either via the donation process or send an email to info[at]reclaimingtherepublic.org.