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How A Patriot Can Individually Support Saving Our Constitution

  • Spread the word about my radio show “Reclaiming the Republic”

    • Red State Talk Radio I am on Red State Talk Radio daily 3-4 PM PST (broadcasted elsewhere and on the internet) and you can dial in to listen for those who have limited data plans by dialing 605-562-4209.

    • These are result oriented shows designed to educate leaders and the electorate alike. The broadcasting and internet streaming info is in the links below my signature.

  • Download and share my podcasts on from this website, I will soon have these on a cloud service that offers RSS feeds so you can get notification when the shows are posted.

  • Like, follow, and share my “Reclaiming the Republic” and “Mobius Strip Press” Facebook pages and the articles and content posted on these pages.

  • Get informed about local groups in the area and get involved

    • By getting informed you can become a Constitutional warrior with your local leaders and demand they fulfill their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution

    • Sponsor Meetings: If you have the ability and or resources to host a meeting with business leaders who care about the Constitution - I will come to speak and giove you wnat you need to know and if the event is big enough I will put together a few other Patriots to speak.

  • I am sure I am missing something or someway for one to help, but getting informed is paramount for all to move this battle forward.