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"Reclaiming the Republic" is now broadcasting on KSBN AM 1230 every Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:00 pm PST. See below for links and more info. This is usually a live show except when we have guests. So by all means, please feel free to call or if you would rather email us a question at:

info[at]reclaimingtherepublic.org. This way you can join us in this dialogue in “Reclaiming the Republic.”




Listen Live by going to http://ksbn.net/

Reclaiming the Republic is also rebroadcasted on Saturday’s at 1pm for those who missed it on Wednesday. You can stream or listen on air to the rebroadcasting of the Show on Saturday.

To call in during the show dial 844-320-4299

We may need to setup a new seperate number as we begin to broadcast live in Spokane as well as broadcast live on Red State Talk Radio!

KSBN podcasts

Listen to our podcast 03 January 2018 podcast

This week I provide a few examples of how our society and the public have been manipulated into believing our form of government is a Democracy and how we have been manipulated into turning our backs on our Christianity heritage and origins to believe we are a Secular nation.  I also finish a conversation with John Hancock on the Constitutionality of Republic Review. 

Listen to our podcast 10 January 2018 podcast

In this show I touch on DACA and the 15th Amendment and how we have been manipulated into not having a republican form of government.  Last year I had the privilege of meeting Nick Richardson founder of the Gr8ter Veterans organization who is taking a holistic approach in dealing with Veteran issues and helping Veterans.  I personally love what he is doing and wanted to help get the word out so that people can help is organization directly or indirectly.  Please take the time to listen to our discussion and I ask that you consider helping his organization as much as you can. That way next time you want to ask a Vet to stand for recognition you can tell them how you are helping by supporting Gr8ter Veterans.

Listen to our podcast 17 January 2018 podcast

In this show I talk about republicanism and how ever State is violating the Constitution by using democracy instead of republicanism as a form of government.  I also speak to the Constitutionality of religious freedom.  We also had Tim Benn come on the show to talk about Spokane’s new Campaign Ordinance, which is essentially political warfare on conservative candidates and apparently these non-partisan positions can institute very partisan regulations to protect their seats of power while they create more legal costs to the city as this violates the SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United. 

Listen to our podcast 24 January 2018 podcast

In this show I talk more about republicanism and how the 14th Amendment is applied to the States.  I also talk about religion and how the Federal Government has established a church that was Godless and Anti-Christian.  I go into details as to how this anti-Christ church operates.  I also go into details on the importance in taking an active role in calling out businesses to support the Constitution and Constitutional media, and candidates.  Please get involved in fighting the billionaires who are paying to undermine and destroy our Republic demand businesses get involved as well!

Working on getting the podcasts for 31 Jan and 7, 14, 21 Feb uploaded.

Listen to our podcast 28 February 2018 podcast

Today, I focused covered the unconstitutional Department of Transportation’s “Traffic Calming.”  I also talk about the new tax in Spokane on Gun sales.  If you want to turn around this city businesses HAVE TO GET INVOLVED!  The 37,000 businesses in Spokane County are our only hope and these businesses have to start pushing aside these marketing agencies that are silencing them wit Political Correctness!

Listen to our podcast 07 March 2018 podcast

Today’s focus was dealing with the progressive agenda

Listen to our podcast 14 March 2018 podcast

A replay of my interview with Dr. Vile – because this conversation covers two opposing views of what we need to do or should I say I am asserting we need to act quickly and the professor believes we need to hold the course per se that things are not as bad as I am asserting.

Listen to our podcast 21 March 2018 podcast

I have the opportunity to speak to Mike Munch about his campaign and how he was undermined by Republicans who supported a card carrying democrat instead of him for the election. 

Listen to our podcast 28 March 2018 podcast

I finish my discussion with Mike Munch regarding his 2017 campaign and how he was undermined by Republican leaders. 

Listen to our podcast 04 April 2018 podcast

This show has the first two segments with Tony Kiepe regarding his 2017 campaign and how he was undermined by Republicans. 

Listen to our podcast 11 April 2018 podcast

This show is the last two segments of my interview with Tony Kiepe regarding his 2017 campaign. 

Important Information from the last show

Our guest this week: Mike Munch

Northwest Grassroots Movie Night:

April 11th


Please check out Trevors videos below

Trevor Loudon

Website: Trevor Loudon

Trevor's YouTube: Enemies Within

Capital Research Center

Dangerous Documentaries: America Under Siege: Antifa

Trevor's KeyWiki Research Page: Key Wiki

Video Collection: 2017 Video Collection


Adam Carolla Speaks To Congress On Gravity

Adam Carolla Speaks To Congress

Testimony to Congress on the Bill Clinton Timeline of Corruption

The citation below connects the Clinton Administration and the DNC to Chinese Intelligence operatives who sought and received a windfall of intelligence and technical data necessary for their military and offensive capabilities

Curry, T., & Windrem, R. (1998, May 27). Establishing the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China (House of Representatives - June 18, 1998). Retrieved December 22, 2011, from http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CREC-1998-06-18/pdf/CREC-1998-06-18-pt1-PgH4748-2.pdf>www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CREC-1998-06-18/pdf/CREC-1998-06-18-pt1-PgH4748-2.pdf#page=13

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