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These petitions are not ballot petitions these are First Amendment Petitions that are specifically designed to demand government at different levels to comply to the Constitution. At the Bottom of the page is the history of petitions and why we have a First Amendment right to petition Government. We have also include the lawsuits that have spun from previous First Amendment Petitions which are based upon the government's failure to respond.

Please keep in mind, neither Congress, the State, or local governments can "MAKE NO LAW... ABRIDGING THE FREEDOM... TO PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES."

This means that cannot limit a petition by "time" giving you only so much time to collect signatures or limiting your time in presenting your petition, nor can they require a format in writing or in oral petitions to instruct them regarding their Constitutional obligations and infractions.

They cannot limit our petitions to "registered voters." First Amendment Petitions are a "Citizens" right not a voters right, which is why the Fourteenth Amendment states "NO STATE SHALL MAKE OR ENFORCE ANY LAW WHICH SHALL ABRIDGE THE PRIVILEGES OR IMMUNITIES OF CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES." To be clear, this is why government and the courts have perverted this right into having citizens believe that breaking the law by protesting with civil disobedience is a right, when it is not nor is it protected by the Constitution.

Let history be clear, what happened on January 6th was not a First Amendment Petition is was civil disobedience, allowing a tyrannical government to punish those who they want to make an example of and allow those who are supporting their narrative alone... calling the riots of 2020 peaceful protests. THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF TYRANNY.


Please feel free to contact us regarding questions or concerns about the content of these petitions below or if there is anything we need to correct. Thank you.

Standing County Petitions

The following petitions are provided for you to use to circulate and obtain signatures to present to your county commissioners or supervisors to demand they get ALL of the State Wide leaders to unite in demanding the State Attorney General adjoin to the lawsuit going into the Supreme Court to remove the entire Biden Administration


The RED Text (i.e. county and state) needs to change, contact us if you want this in a word document format or if you need us to insert your county and state names to give you a pdf page for your state and county.

Petition 001 For the Redress of Violations of the Twelfth Amendment

This petition demands State Attorney Generals adjoin to the case that is waiting for SCOTUS review. Two States adjoining to this case would force SCOTUS to review it and hear the arguments.


Petition 002 For Redress Foreign Sovereignty Treaties

This petition demands State legislatures force the federal government into abolishing all unconstitutional treaties like joining the UN.



Petition 003 For Violations Of The Guarantee Clause

This petition demands State legislatures remove all members of Congress and replace them with Representatives and Senators who will stop the invasion on our SOuthern border in accordance to the Constitution.


Petition 004 For Corp-Entity Violating Civil Rights

This petition demands State legislatures prosecute and if necessary shutdown businesses who violate our civil rights of assembly and to gather petition signatures for petitioning government for the redress of grievances.


Many more petitions to come:

Taking back State land

Defining federal powers

More to come!

See the document titled "A Bill of Rights for the Twenty-First Century" on the take action page for 85 more petition topics.


Signature Sheets

Here is the signature cover page sheet with an additional sheet 2 for signatures:


This document is for sheet 3 and on for getting signatures.


What more do you need to get involved?

Send me an email at info[at]reclaimingtherepublic[dot]org